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Zhejiang Deqing Branch barrier Crystal Fiber Co., Ltd. is the domestic application of a wide range of large-scale production, the highest tech, ultra-light high-temperature refractory enterprises. From polycrystalline Mo stone cotton fiber development to the existing adaptation of high, medium and low stall temperature Bureau barrier lightweight refractory series, the application has been extended to the metallurgical, chemical, machinery, electronics, ceramics, building materials, research aerospace and other fields. Play the scale of operation advantages of the high-tech industries, committed the child to improve furnace technological progress, and efforts to promote domestic industrial furnace to meet the international kiln fiber light of environmental protection and energy saving trend. High-tech series of products to meet the thermal demand.

Kl/PMF-1600 is today's latest ultra-lightweight high-temperature insulation materials polycrystalline mullite fiber, which consists of micro-crystals of mullite (Mullite), set crystal material and fiber material properties of sub-one, excellent thermal stability up to 1840 ° C melting point, thermal conductivity is 1/6 of the traditional firebrick, the bulk density of only 1/25, high-tech chemical colloidal method spun from. Only a few developed countries in a foreign country to produce this product, such as SiC, Britain's ICI (ICI) companies, the main technical indicators reached the international advanced level, and is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, ceramics, the field of electronics, building materials, petrochemical, aerospace and other high temperature industrial furnace and other thermal equipment, lined with thermal insulation. To achieve the energy yield, reduce the temperature difference between inside and improve product quality, reduce spare parts consumption, extend the life of the furnace, and the purpose to improve the working environment.

Into the twenty-first century, the resources for us to become particularly important. Division base employees already "respect for nature, respect for science, resource conservation, rational use of the subject into their own consciousness. Science and technology as the basis to create a more environmentally friendly energy-saving products. Furnace technology and progress, to enhance efforts to promote domestic industrial furnace to meet the international kiln fiber light of environmental protection and energy saving trend. Efforts to improve the human living environment.

Deqing Branch barrier Crystal Fiber Co., Ltd. continued development is inseparable from all walks of life friends for their support and long-term cooperation. Division base staff always stand in the forefront of the refractory technology, respected corporate culture and business inside. Always uphold the "built environment-friendly energy-saving furnace to improve the human living environment," the core concept of continuous exploration and the pursuit. The high-tech products and scientific management will become a new driving force for sustainable development of enterprises.
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